Наречия в английском языке

В данной статье мы приведем самые интересные и наиболее часто путаемые наречия в английском языке. Они могут отличаться друг от друга одной буквой или звуком, но будут означать совершенно разные понятия.

At the moment В данный момент We are trying to cut down on sweets at the moment.
Actually На самом деле (не путать с актуально) She may seem strict, but she is actually quite nice.
Especially Особенно She likes long dresses, especially made of silk.
Specially Специально It was specially made for us.
Ever Когда-либо Have you ever been to Alaska?
Even Даже They have even written a letter to us!
Hard Тяжело, усердно Jill is always working so hard!
Hardly Едвали They can hardly make ends meet.
In the end В конце концов It was hard, but in the end they managed to set out.
At the end В конце чего-либо Everybody cried at the end of the play.
Late Поздно She is never late for classes.
Lately В последнее время They haven’t been talking to each other lately.
Near Рядом We live near our parents.
Nearly Приблизительно She earns nearly a million a year.
Still Все еще Does he still live with his parents?
Yet Еще (в отрицаниях и вопросах), уже Have you finished the report yet?