Когда и как использовать AS?

Значение Пример
1) as … as … He isn’t as fast as his brother. 
2) the same as = identical Her dress is the same as mine.
3) as = act in the capacity of My sister works as a doctor. 
As your teacher I am always happy when you succeed. 
4) as = when, because As we arrived, we rushed to a new restaurant to eat. 
He was tired as he had run 20 km.  
5) as I said / as you know As you know, this is the most famous place in our city. 
6) as long as / as soon as / as far as  As far as I know, they are going to build a new hotel here. 
We may not finish on time as long as we continue postponing it. 
7) as — conjunctionDo as you were asked.
8) as a matter of fact, as a rule, as for me, as far as I’m concerned, etcAs for me, I’d like to go there very much! 

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