British habits of eating

British habits of eating have made a great change over the years.

We used to be taught that usually British people have a big breakfast with a toast, porridge, eggs and bacon and tea of course. We also read in books that they normally have a 5 o’clock tea. But what is the situation like today? Do you know?

So, most people claim that British food is plain and boring. Indeed they can’t boast such diversity and sophistication of dishes as the French can. British food was traditionally based on natural products preserving their simplicity and main qualities. So, it has been based on beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish and usually served with some vegetables like potatoes. Speaking about British food we normally remember such kinds as the sandwich, fish and chips, a pudding, porridge, some pies, steaks, eggs and bacon for breakfast and tea of course. You may be surprised but the most popular dish today is curry.

As most things in Britain, its traditional cuisine goes back to the ancient time, so they ate bread and cheese, roasted and stewed meat and pies many centuries ago. Such meals as fish and chips, sausages with mashed potatoes and onions were once urban street food. Now fish and chips have almost become a face of British pubs. Of course, the cuisine has had a great influence of Chinese, Thai and Indian culture of cooking.

So, let’s look at some particular kinds. A Sandwich..Next will be a pudding! Read more in our blog!

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