prepositions of movement

Предлоги движения

Помимо обычных предлогов места в английском языке также выделяют предлоги, показывающие движение предмета в пространстве. Зачастую они частично совпадают с обычными предлогами, а также иногда мы используем наречия в этих целях.

across the road — через (от одной стороны до другой) — There here, walking across the road to the left.

along the road — вдоль — The cat was running along the fence.

around / round the playground — вокруг — The girl was jogging around the pond listening to music.

away from the policeman — от полицейского — The thief ran away from the policeman very quickly.

back to the shop — обратно в магазин — She went away and never came back to him again.

down the hill -вниз по холму — They went down the slope rapidly.

into the room — внутрь комнаты — The man walked into the shop smiling.

off the stage — со сцены (с поверхности) — The singer jumped off the stage into the crowd.

onto (on to) the platform — он платформу (на поверхность) — The children jumped onto the train and ran away.

out of the theatre — из театра (из здания) — Let’s go out of this place, it’s too noisy.

over the bridge — по мосту, через мост — I hate driving over bridges.

past — мимо — The dog ran past me and I couldn’t see it in a moment.

through the tunnel — через туннель — The bird flew through the window into the room.

to the door — к двери (подойти к двери) — She came to him and took his hand.

towards the bus stop — по направлению к — She had been moving towards the bus very slowly, so she missed it.

under the shelter — под покровом — Jill was standing under the roof waiting for the rain to stop.

up the hill — вверх по холму — We are living up the hill, over there.