Предлоги места на английском

Предлоги в английском языке часто приносят учащимся на начальном этапе головную боль, однако важно помнить, что они во многом заменяют наши падежные окончания, поэтому помогают связать слова. Мы собрали предлоги места и движения в одной таблице с примерами, которые помогут разобраться с их значениями.

Предлог Перевод  Пример
above Выше, над They were flying above the trees.
across Через It is dangerous to swim across this river.
after За The dog ran after the cat.
against Напротив The bird was flying against the window.
along Вдоль She was walking along the street.
among Среди (множества) We couldn’t see him among the other people.
around Вокруг The dog was running around the lake.
behind За Don’t stand behind my back!
below Ниже Do you see this picture below?
beside Рядом Our house is beside the supermarket.
between Между (двумя) The house is between the two shops.
by Около He has a house by the river.
close to Рядом They were standing very close to each other.
down Ниже, вниз There is a good café down the street.
from От Where are you from?
in front of Напротив They built a new church in front of that monument.
inside Внутри Would you like to go inside?
into Внутрь He went into the shop.
near Рядом They are very near me.
next to Рядом, в одном ряду The house is next to the bank.
off С (например, спуститься с поверхности) He jumped off the roof.
onto На (движение наверх) The cat jumped onto the table.
opposite Напротив What is that building opposite your house?
out of Из (например, измашины) He went out of the car.
outside Снаружи Let’s go outside.
over Над, сверху The book is over there.
past Мимо She went past the church and turned right.
round Вокруг He ran round the lake.
through Через (например, тоннель) The bird flew through the tunnel.
to К The policeman came to the criminal and arrested him.
towards Внаправлении She was moving towards him.
under Под Do you always keep it under the shelf?
up Наверх Stand up, please!