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Useful Expressions

Stating Your Opinion Giving Examples
In my opinion, For example,
In my view, such as
From my point of view, as
It seems to me that that is
From my perspective To illustrate
It appears that For instance,
I realize In other words,
I imagine like
According to me, namely
To me, To paraphrase
I think  
I believe Comparing
To my way of thinking Similar to
I suppose in common
I understand Either…or
I feel Neither…nor
Just as
Contrasting As…as
However, also
On the contrary, In the same way,
Differ from At the same time
Although resemble
Alternatively, Generalizing
But Generally,
On the other hand, Overall,
Nevertheless In general,
Though It seems to me that
Instead All in all,
Even though Essentially,
All things considered
Expressing Certainty Generally speaking,
Certainly, On the whole,
Doubtless, By and large,
Definitely, I believe
Undoubtedly, Basically,
No doubt, As a rule,
Of course, For the most part
Expressing Partial Agreement
More or less, To some extent,
Up to a point, Almost,
In a way, So to speak,

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