Making suggestions, offers and requests

Remember to be always polite speaking English.

making suggestions, requests, offers

Here are some useful phrases for the social English:

Making suggestions

  • Let’s go to the cinema, shall we?
  • Why don’t we smile?
  • What about going out and having some fun?
  • Would you like to go surfing?
  • Do you fancy going to the beach?


  • Would you like…?
  • Can I offer you …?
  • What about…?
  • Are you up for …?

Making a request 

  • Can I have ….?
  • Will you, please, give me a lift?
  • Would you/could you…?
  • I would be grateful if…?
  • It would be so kind of you to…
  • Would you mind helping me?


Be polite, smile and love each other 🙂


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